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December 21, 2018, 8:00 AM

CEREBRUM--the Sci-fi animated movie--is being released tomorrow as a Web Series broken into short segments of films. Only the first one-fourth of the projected entire film is
being premiered on Youtube as "Part One" every Saturday morning from December 22 (2018) to January 11 or 18, 2019. 

Having been submitted to various film festivals in 2018 prior to its official release on Youtube, "Part One" has won three significant awards: (1) the GOLD PRIZE in the Web Series in the HOLLYWOOD INDEPENDENT FILMMAKER AWARDS and (2) Silver Award for Best Visual Effects and (3) Honorable Mention for Best Editing in the "Web Series/TV Pilot" in the Queen Palm International Film Festival in its August 2018 Edition.

CEREBRUM depicts a world where an ambitious scientist has taken over the world by mean of a "secret" circuit that he deliberately managed to slip into the circuit design of almost all microprocessors, 
thereby controlling all machines and devices that use "his" microprocessors.
(Of course, any similarity to any person or anything in real world be purely coincidental.)

Check out the series at the following channel and subscribe if you want to be automatically notified of any further release of the series.

Screen Shots

CEREBRUM_PR_02.jpg CEREBRUM_PR_0101.jpg CEREBRUM_PR_0102.jpg CEREBRUM_PR_0103.jpg CEREBRUM_PR_0104.jpg CEREBRUM_PR_0201.jpg CEREBRUM_PR_0202.jpg CEREBRUM_PR_0203.jpg

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