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What Is Digital Mirage?


DIGITAL MIRAGE has two division within one legal entity: DIGITAL MIRAGE Entertainment and DIGITAL MIRAGE Studio. DIGITAL MIRAGE Entertainment focuses on film/animation production from story development to the final release, where as the Studio focuses on meeting the CG/VFX needs of the clients.

DIGITAL MIRAGE Studio is a 3D Visual Effects firm specializing in photo-realistic Computer Generated Imagery & Videos. Run by George (Donghoon) Kim - an award-winning 3D artist, It has served the needs for advertisements and product visualizations.


If you want top-notch CG imagery or videos for your clients or for your own projects or products that are within your "limited" budget, DIGITAL MIRAGE may be your dream-come-true. DIGITAL MIRAGE attempts to produce top notch works despite competitive price by staying as "slim" as possible in terms of personnel and management. Being capable of meeting the need for sound design & music as well, DIGITAL MIRAGE may be your one-stop choice that can fill all your needs.

What are the capabilities and limits of DIGITAL MIRAGE?

Currently, DIGITAL MIRAGE is capable of handling short projects only: Live-action VFX or full CG shots no longer than 10 minutes DIGITAL MIRAGE  is capable of photo-realistic human and creature creation and animation as well as product & architectural visualization. Complicated VFX shots such as believable massive tsunami and destruction sequence is also possible. Take a brief tour of DIGITAL MIRAGE's portfolio to get an idea of its capabilities.

Where Is It Located? & How Do I Ask for Your Service?

Situated in South Korea - a country well-known for its advanced internet infrastructure - DIGITAL MIRAGE has made the best use of South Korea's internet system to keep in touch with and serve global needs. To place your order, please sign up as a client to be provided with your own board (unseen to other clients and visitors) where you can upload the description (including photos, story boards, and etc.) of your needs under the "Contact" menu. After reviewed, your order will be accepted or declined within two or three business days. Once accepted, a client will received an email notifying the price and prospective delivery date, and directed to his/her respective PayPal payment page.