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Capabilities: Visual Effects

Capabilities: Visual Effects

I. CGI Creatures & Humans

Believable CGI creatures and humans have always been in demand. DIGITAL MIRAGE is capable of creating believable CGI humans & creatures. Whether you need a surreal monster in your scene or a beautiful CGI humans, DIGITAL MIRAGE is ready to serve your need. The following is a short compilation of previous works of DIGITAL MIRAGE that gives you a glimpse of what is possible.

II. CGI Environment & Set Extension

Your movies and video no longer need to be limited by physical locations available. They are now limited only by your imagination. The followings are some of the environments digitally created by DIGITAL MIRAGE:

III. CGI Smoke, Fire, and Water

Beside smoke, fire, and small body of water, DIGITAL MIRAGE is one of the few VFX studios capable of creating believable tsunami and large body of water.  Check out the following works by DIGITAL MIRAGE: