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On Friday, February 12 2021 the documentary feature/short "Views of the Gods on a Volcanic Island" were released.

Being a result of years of on-location film-recording in Jeju Island, the film's VFX was taken up
by DIGITAL MIRAGE Studio which worked on film noise removal, color-grading, and sky restoration in a major moving sequence. 

The 4K UHD documentary was released in 5 versions: A feature in English & Korean 

and a short versions per each languages as well as a less-than 5 minute documentary short (Documentary short - Korean Edition) (Documentary short - English Edition) (Documentary feature - English Edition) (Documentary feature - Korean Edition) (5 min. short - English Edition)

The films are being submitted to selected film festivals.

After a private screening of the film before finalization, considerable percentage of viewers reportedly wanted to keep the film.
It's a good sign before public release.

And immediately after release the film got included in the official selection
of London Indie Short Festival of 24 Frames.

P.S.: As of March 11, 2021, documentary short edition of this film was selected by 5 film festivals and received one award: the Best International Documentary
given by the Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival, First Quarter 2021.

Official Trailer

Director's commentary on the VFX done by DIGITAL MIRAGE Studio.

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