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Film Production "IMMINENT WAR" Selected by SCI-ON! Film Festival 2020

Developer: vfxgeorge IP ADRESS: *.1.186.19 Views: 75428


"IMMINENT WAR"--a 360 degree, stereoscopic full CG VR animation has been selected 
as a candidate for "Best Virtual Reality" award by the SCI-ON! Film Festival.

"Screening at the National Automobile Museum and other premiere Reno venues," SCI-ON! is said to be "the Biggest Little Science + Fiction Film Festival in the World!"
The organizers aims "to bring science fiction and science fact short films to audiences in Nevada and around the world 
-- and 
to recognize, reward and showcase creativity, ingenuity and science-based imagination."

DIGITAL MIRAGE was responsible for all concept arts, production design, animating, effects, and rendering.
A notable technical feature of this animation is the realization of optical flairs and motion blur that never gets "clipped" throughout the 360 degree virtual screen.

Screen Shots:
Imminent War screenshots 00.jpg Imminent War screenshots 01.jpg Imminent War screenshots 02.jpg Imminent War screenshots 03.jpg Imminent War screenshots 04.jpg Imminent War screenshots 05.jpg Imminent War screenshots 06.jpg Imminent War screenshots 07.jpg

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